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Fans of Ice Cream Franchises are Considering Cupcakes Instead

If you’re searching for an ice cream franchise, you clearly have a passion for sweet treats that will delight your customers. And what’s not to love? Americans eat 20 quarts of ice cream per person, per year! Everyone screams for ice cream, right? While you have your own motivation to look into investing in an…

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Fat Cupcake Insiders Speak Out About the Fun of Owning a Cake Franchise

We recently caught up with Fat Cupcakes founder Angelica Otness and franchise development coordinator Lydia Cochran to get an inside peek at the inspiration behind some of Fat Cupcake’s delectable designs, flavors and names. Here is the scoop from our interview. You have such luscious designs and flavors. What was your inspiration behind some of…

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Why Cupcakes Will Always Be A Popular Dessert Franchise Choice

Considering a dessert franchise opportunity? Like many of us, you may have a sweet tooth. Or maybe you love the idea of making and serving desserts all day long. Whether it’s a sweet tooth or the sheer delight you get from making beautiful desserts to please people, a cupcake dessert franchise might be just what…

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Cupcake Franchise for Sale: Why These Diminutive Desserts are Smart Business

If you’ve been looking for a cupcake franchise for sale, you’ve likely realized that these diminutive desserts are here to stay. Tune into the Food Network and you’ll see a television show dedicated to this beloved sweet treat: Cupcake Wars. This show puts cupcakes front and center, and now more people are giving in to…

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Looking for Donuts Franchises? Why Not Cupcakes?

Everyone has their own reason to look into investing in donuts franchises. You might be a new entrepreneur looking to get off to a good start, or perhaps you’re an industry pro with years of experience and a solid plan for growth. Whatever your motivation, you’re on the hunt for a donut franchise you can…


This One Takes the Cake: A Bakery Franchise Specializing in Creative Cakes and Cupcakes

If you’ve been considering a bakery franchise opportunity, chances are, you love to bake, or are an unapologetic consumer of baked goods. There is nothing like the heavenly smell of a freshly baked cake coming out of the oven, right? The bakery industry is a very large category, one that is typically viewed by consumers…


How to Open a Cupcake Shop: 5 Delicious Considerations

Are you passionate about baking? Are you inspired by that look of pure joy on a person’s face when they bite into one of your made-with-love, decadent, creations? Anjelica Otness felt that way. She came by her passion for cupcakes honestly: “Life is unpredictable, eat dessert first,” was her mother’s advice. Anjelica was raised on…

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Fat Cupcake Franchise Opportunities Are More Than A Business

Life is unpredictable: Eat dessert first! This important advice inspired Fat Cupcake’s founder to start her first bakery at age 24. She built that bakery on a foundation of love, dedication and passion – and saw her small shop grow into a thriving business. Fueled by Fat Cupcake’s joyful personality, delicious recipes that are perfectly…

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Welcome to Fat Cupcake Franchise

Fat Cupcake is proud to offer an upbeat contagious business franchise opportunity. With eccentric cupcake flavors and engaging staff we leave a distinct impression on our guests. Giving back to the community is also at the forefront of what we do through cake and cupcake donations, volunteering our time to speak at events or providing…

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